Design Puzzle is developed in the Insights into Early Childhood Education and Care project with the City of Helsinki.

The Design Puzzle is a method for participatory designing everyday activities in early childhood education and care. The method is based on question cards and picture cards, which are used as a design tool, a discussion aid, and a reflection method.

With the Design Puzzle, a group of children and educators can create a visualised and simplified structure of a complex activity. Each step of an activity is broken into smaller parts and presented as a visual narrative.

The method supports collaborative decision making, e.g., in which way the activity is documented and with whom it is shared with and by which means. The visual narratives that the Design Puzzle creates, can also be afterwards reflected on and they can be used as an communication aid to discuss the daily activities with the guardians.

The Design Puzzle is published online in Finnish and can be downloaded from the link below.

Illustrations: Pia Myllymäki, Pii & Waak
Layout: Katja Engberg, City of Helsinki