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The community art project Out There took place in Kivistö primary school during the years 2008–09. The Out There art project focused on the children’s view of their own rapidly changing school environment.

By using community art as a method, artists can help children in making their own ideas and thoughts visibly present and preserved for future generations. In the project, the students studied their schoolyard and documented what they saw as the most interesting place for future archaeologists. The artist used laser decal print to convert pupils photographs into time-proof ceramic tiles. By using ceramic paints, each student also created their own interpretation of the most important detail of the photograph.

All students participated in this process by creating two tiles, together creating an art piece of 20 m² composed of more than 500 tiles. This art piece was placed in the new Kannisto School, which was built in the area in 2011.

The Kivistö School is located in the heart of the rapidly growing Marja-Vantaa area, in Southern Finland. A new railroad route was built in the area (2015). The new Kivistö railway station was placed right next to the school and eventually the students will be relocated to the new schools of the region.

The project was carried out in cooperation with the City of Vantaa, Pukkila Oy, Kerasil Oy, City of Vantaa / Aladdin’s Lamp, Arabia, and Aalto University.